Sustainable Work

Beautifully handcrafted leather products from Ethiopia. In purchasing our products you are making an impact on sustainable economical development. Climate change, inequality, high unemployment, population growth are among the top problems facing Ethiopia. To adress these problems it is vital in a country like Ethiopia needs methodical sustainable economical development work that leads to a more fair and democratic society.

Warka Tree is focusing on creating jobs for women, mothers and young Ethiopians to be creative and productive in their own premises. Our focus lies also on childrens healthy growth nutrition and education.

It is our vision and plan to contribute to a sustainable economic growth by creating jobs. We give handcraft training and employment benefits to those women, single mothers and the youth who doesn't have the possibility of getting employment. By coordinating family planning methods for women who are in need of family planning services and by supporting childrens education and wellbeing

These mothers, women and men having an employment and a constant income is an important step that leads to economic independence, women empowerment, equality, better health for women and a better condition for children to be healthy and pursue education.

Women’s increased political participation,choises to decide in their own life, access to employment, education and access to family planning services is an empowerment and it is a fundamental human right.

Warka Tree is Creating primarly handcrafted leather products, jewelleries and hand waved textiles using enviromental friendly methods. Our leather products made from the finest leather in Ethiopia. It is our plan to make beautiful handwaved textiles, Jewelleries and leather bags that are beautiful, practical and enduring. The bags have subtle variations that ages well with time. We are a small and new company and we appereciate to hear from you on how you would want your products should be and if you are interested on having personalized items kontact us at Follow us on the ongong work on our news events section and follow us on Instagram and facebook.

On our start we work together with partners who create jobs for youth, women, families and single mothers. Our products are made in small batches. Every bag takes many hours of handcrafted work. Our hand weaved textiles are weaved from Ethiopian cotton and waved in an ancient weaving techniques by hand. Our jewelery collections are handmade some of the collection features recycled products.

we started Warka tree to follow a dream and spirit based on passion for design colour and nature and at the same time to make an economic and social impact that changes lives for the better. our work at Warka Tree approaches socioeconomic problems by mobilizing and creating jobs while adressing climate issues and social issues. Job creation, climate change, equality, supporting women's right, family planning, childrens right to education and well being these are core issues we want to focus and involve ourselves in our work in Ethiopia. We hope to contribute in our small way to make this world a better place. Follow us on the ongong work on our news events, Instagram and Facebook.

When you are buying Warka Tree products you are changing the directions of peoples lives and childrens future in the right and positive direction. We hope also you enjoy the products you purchase from our shop.