About us

We are a small family company based in Sweden and Ethiopia. I was raised in Asella Ethiopia, my parents were keen on education not only to me and my siblings but to help other children and women who didn't have the possibility to attend school. My late mother was helpfull for children's education. She was supportive and strong beliver of womens and girls education, their rights to become economically independant, and a strong beliver in equality,democracy, freedom and faith.

I grow up among other things with a strong sense and love for handcraft and design work. My interest starts to develop alongside with my mother who used to actively work on her extraordinary beautiful embroidery work and hand knitting that she has introduced me to the artifacts and inspired me to follow a dream.

We started Warka tree to follow that dream based on passion for design colour and nature and at the same time to make an economic and social impact that changes lives for the better. When you are purchasing our products you are making a difference on so many peoples lives. We create job and these women  comtributes for sustainable economic development and that includes addressing climate change. Read more on our sustainable work and our news which on our going work in Ethiopia.

On our start we work together with partners by creating jobs for the youth, women, families and single mothers. Our products are made in small batches. Every bag takes many hours of handcrafted work. Our hand waved textiles are weaved from Ethiopian cotton and waved in an anicient weaving techniques. Our jewelery collections are handmade some of the collection features recycled products.

It is our plan to make beautiful handwaved textiles, Jewelleries and leather bags that are beautiful, practical and enduring. The bags have subtle variations that ages well with time.

Warka Tree is an Amharic name for the Ficus Tree and native in Ethiopia as well as some other countries. It is a wild fig tree. It symbolises humbleness, relationships and nature. It expresses our love and respect to nature and our place on this planet. We support sustainable job creation and we hope to contribute in our small ways to make the world a better place.